How to prevent the problem of water leakage and water leakage of glass curtain wall

1. When designing, first consider the design and structure of the curtain wall waterproof device, use the principle of isobaric pressure, set the isobaric cavity and special pressure introduction hole on the curtain wall aluminum profile, so that the internal pressure of the isobaric cavity is balanced with the external pressure through the special pressure introduction hole, and the pressure difference is moved to the indoor side that cannot contact the rainwater, so there is no wind pressure difference where there is water and there is no water in the part with pressure difference, so as to prevent the purpose of preventing external water from using the pressure difference to penetrate into the curtain wall, which is an active waterproof measure.   2. Open a small hole for water leakage flowing to the outside on the aluminum profile of the curtain wall accessories, collect and discharge the water entering the curtain wall through the small gap, and discharge a small amount of water in the isobaric cavity between the glass, aluminum profile and aluminum fastener, which is one of the effective water control methods.   3. When designing, you can also consider setting up collection pipes and drainage pipes on the glass curtain wall, collecting the water that seeps into the cracks into the interior of the curtain wall fittings, and discharging it smoothly to a designated drainage hole in the room through the drainage pipe, which is another reliable water control measure.   4. Select high-quality structural silicone sealant, weather-resistant silicone sealant and wallside glue, and strengthen inspection to prevent expired use. To select high-quality float glass, the glass must be edge-treated, and the glass specification and size error meets the standard requirements.   5. Pay attention to controlling the use environment of sealant, and it is strictly forbidden to carry out weather-resistant silicone sealant construction in the open air on rainy days. The construction workshop of structural adhesive requires clean and dust-free, the indoor temperature should not be higher than 27 °C (different brands of structural adhesive have different performance and slightly different requirements for indoor temperature), and the relative humidity should not be lower than 50%.   6. Before injecting structural silicone sealant, weather-resistant silicone sealant and wallside glue, dust, oil stains, loose matter and other dirt on the aluminum frame, glass or gap should be cleaned up, and after injection, it should be filled with dense and flat surface, strengthen maintenance, and prevent hand touch, water flushing, etc.   7. According to the requirements of the specification, the anti-rainwater leakage performance inspection should be carried out in layers during the construction of the glass curtain wall in order to repair and control the quality of the curtain wall in the middle.   8. The quality inspection of glass curtain wall is divided into two categories: concealed acceptance and project acceptance. The concealed acceptance is carried out after the installation of the aluminum profile frame, mainly to check the firmness and safety of the connecting steel code, and to check the gap node installation and expansion joint installation between the curtain wall and the main structure. The project acceptance is carried out after the completion of the glass curtain wall project, which is the completion acceptance of the glass curtain wall and the intermediate acceptance of the sub-project.   9. The opening window should carefully check whether it has reached the degree of sealing, whether the accessories are of excellent material, reliable function, and whether the opening and closing are flexible.   10. When cleaning the curtain wall, use the building's own window cleaning machine. If it is cleaned by a professional cleaning company, there must be a detailed construction organization plan, and there must be no damage to the curtain wall.   11. Improve the completion acceptance data and transfer it to the relevant departments, and the user unit should formulate the maintenance and repair plan and system of the curtain wall in time according to the instruction manual.


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